United States: who has the most beautiful “long neck”? 700 participants in the mule cup championship for children

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The mule cup championship for children brought together no less than 700 participants. All compete to win the competition for the most beautiful “long neck.”

It’s a mind-blowing contest. In the United States, the mullet cutting championship specially dedicated to children brings together, as every year, the most beautiful specimens of mullet in the country.

This hairstyle which consists of letting the hair grow in the center of the skull and on the nape of the neck while shaving the sides was very popular from the 70s to the 90s. However, even in 2022, this cut does not seem to be outdated in the eyes of the 700 children who have entered the USA Mullet Championship.

On Facebook, the organizers of the competition have also shared the most beautiful shots of their 25 finalist candidates. Bangs, combs, curls, brushing…there is (really) something for everyone!

Some even indulge in a few fantasies…

Young Axel’s mule is called “The Axel,” his mother told USA Today. “I feel like he was born to have that hairstyle,” she says.

The votes are open until Friday to elect the most beautiful mule in the United States in the child category.

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