United States: the Republican electorate conditioned by misinformation

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American political news polluted by disinformation a few days before the mid-term elections, we come back to it in the company of Anne E. Deysine, jurist and Americanist, professor emeritus at the University of Paris Nanterre. His latest book: The United States and Democracy (L’Harmattan editions)

A media emperor with an international dimension, who seizes a political party and weighs all his weight in American political life, it is Rupert Murdoch who pulls the strings through Fox News, but not only. The researcher David Colon, professor and researcher at Sciences po Paris, specialist in the history of communication, media and propaganda, devotes a book to him, entitled Rupert Murdoch, the media emperor who manipulates the world (Tallandier). He is our guest today.

The underside of the infox, the chronicle of Grégory Genevrier:

The success of climate disinformation among American ultra-conservatives


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