United States: soon a union for strippers?

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More and more employees in the United States are trying to unionize, in large companies and sometimes, also, in small structures. In Los Angeles, dancers in a strip club have been on strike for six months to demand better working conditions.

In recent months, employees in the United States have stepped up efforts to unionize. Sometimes with success, as in the warehouses of the giant Amazon or at Starbucks. In Los Angeles (California), it’s a whole different industry that knows this kind of stir: that of striptease. Dancers from the Star Garden, a small club in the north of the city, have been on strike since last March. They are demanding more rights, particularly in terms of security vis-à-vis customers: “ I was groped, bitten, licked, says Lilith, one of the striking dancers, at the microphone of Loïc Pialat. A customer picked me up and carried me for a good minute without anyone intervening. »

Their request to form a union must be examined by the NLRB, the federal agency in charge of collective bargaining. If they win their case, they would become the only unionized strippers in the country, but not the first. The dancers of the Lusty Lady, in San Francisco, had managed to unionize in the 1990s. The club closed its doors in 2013.

Canadian stabbing attacks: Suspect found dead

Canadian authorities have found one of the two suspects in the attacks on Sunday, September 4, in the province of Saskatchewan. Two brothers were wanted on suspicion of killing ten people and wounding fifteen others in two isolated villages, one of which has a large indigenous population. The body of Damien Sanderson presented several wounds, he could have been killed by his brother who remains untraceable for the moment. The latter, known unfavorably to the police, could have been injured, according to the assistant commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Peru: political scandal in Parliament

The president of the Peruvian Congress was dismissed on Monday, September 5, after a motion of censure voted by the members of Congress. Lady Camones was sanctioned after the broadcast of recordings in which the leader of her right-wing party calls for the adoption of a redistricting law as a priority which would favor her campaign. She had only been in her post for a month. New elections must be held to find a successor.

The same day, President Pedro Castillo once again denied the charges against him. He is under several investigations for corruption and influence peddling and was heard by the courts on Monday September 5. For the moment, the president is protected by his immunity. The hearing of his wife, also called to appear, was canceled at the last minute.

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