United States: Nancy Pelosi says she is “traumatized” after her husband’s assault

Nancy Pelosi, the president of the House of Representatives in the United States, said she was “traumatized” after the aggression suffered by her husband, Paul.

“Our children, our grandchildren and I are heartbroken,” wrote Nancy Pelosi in a letter sent Saturday evening to all members of the House of Representatives, which she presides. The leader of the American Democrats, whose husband was assaulted on Friday by a man who broke into their San Francisco home, claims to be “traumatized”, as well as her family.

“Yesterday morning a violent man broke into our family home, demanded to see me and brutally attacked my husband Paul,” she wrote, referring to the trauma of the “life-threatening attack” suffered by her 82-year-old husband.

The latter was attacked by a man armed with a hammer who was looking for Nancy Pelosi, then absent from her home. Paul Pelosi, is currently hospitalized after surgery. “His condition continues to improve,” said the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

In her letter, she thanked the police and the emergency services for the “vital medical care” provided to her husband. Nancy Pelosi also said she was grateful for the “outpouring of prayers and warm wishes” received after the assault.

According to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott, David Depape, 42, has been identified as the attacker. He was arrested at the Pelosi home just before 2:30 a.m. last Friday. When law enforcement intervened, he and Paul Pelosi were fighting over a hammer, which the suspect eventually snatched from the victim’s hands to deliver at least one blow.

“Where’s Nancy?”

David Depape is now charged with attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and other offenses in connection with the attack. According to several American media, he would have shouted “Where is Nancy?” breaking into the Pelosi home, suggesting that the Speaker of the House of Representatives was the target of this attack.

Law enforcement sources quoted by the Wall Street Journal said the suspect had taken far-right positions on social media. On Saturday, just after voting early in the midterm elections in Delaware, Joe Biden himself linked the aggression of Paul Pelosi to the American political climate.

The latter is, according to him, plagued by those who continue, in the wake of former President Donald Trump, to contest the result of the election which consecrated him President of the United States. “It affects people’s mentality. It affects the way people think. In particular, people who are not as stable as others,” he said.

The President of the United States then added: “It is one thing to condemn violence. But you can’t condemn the violence unless you condemn everyone who continues to claim that the election wasn’t real, that it was stolen, all that crap that undermines democracy.”

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