United States. French woman in critical condition after shark attack in Hawaii

A 51-year-old French tourist who was snorkeling on Saturday September 3, 2022 around 4 p.m., about ten meters from the beach at Paia Bay, in Maui (an island of the Hawaiian archipelago), was victim of a shark bite.

Bathers and people on the shore immediately rescued him and carried him to the beach. “These passers-by had the right reflexes and immediately took the necessary steps to treat his injuries, while waiting for the arrival of a medical team”Maui County officials said in a statement.

The Frenchwoman, whose identity has not been specified, was then taken in critical condition to the Maui Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

No information has filtered on the evolution of his state of health.

An investigation is still ongoing to determine the circumstances of the attack. According to others present in Paia Bay last weekend, the waters there were particularly murky, which is a particularly popular hunting ground for sharks.

“When a predator is searching for food, often in the darkest waters, it grabs the first thing it smells or sees, which could potentially be a meal. In cases of accidental shark bites, it is often a matter of mistaken identity”explained the precise Michelle Benedict, one of the marine biologists of Sea Life Park Aquarium in Hawaii

Following the attack, Maui County made the decision to close three parks near North Shore beaches (Baldwin Beach Park, Lower Paia Beach Park and Kuau Bay Beach Park) for 48 hours. The sites were accessible again on Monday, September 5, Labor Day, a public holiday in the United States.

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