United States: electoral battle for the right to abortion

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Abortion rights have been a major campaign issue for the US midterm elections, which take place on November 8. Last June, the Supreme Court revoked the Roe vs. Wade ruling, which since 1973 has allowed American women to access this right. In the most conservative states, anti-abortionists took the opportunity to pass local laws prohibiting pregnancy terminations. “ActuElles” traveled to two states, opposed on this issue.

First go to Kentucky, which is seeking to include the prohibition of all abortions in its Constitution, before leaving for California, which, on the contrary, wants to guarantee this right and is already helping American women from other states to have an abortion. With pro-abortion activists, at church-sponsored anti-abortion pregnancy clinics, with women fearing for their future, our reporters have portrayed the two faces of America that will clash at the ballot box November 8.


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