United States: cheating scandal in a fishing contest!

Participants would have filled their fish with weight to win.

We are talking here about a case of cheating in one of the most watched competitions in the world.

Well, we’re exaggerating a bit, but still, there was $29,000 to be won for this sport fishing contest, where two men were kicked out of this competition on Lake Erie.

The reason: to win, they hid weights in the fish they caught.

Instead of the estimated 9 kilos, the fish weighed 15!

On a video, we see the organizers take out lead eggs from the stomachs of animals, but also nets.

They suspected that there was something fishy.

The whole thing took place under the eyes of a very angry crowd.

We even had to call the police before the cheaters were lynched.

It must be said that they had him stretched the pole.

The defendants declined to comment. Of course they stayed dumb as carp.

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