Two cows bitten by a dog in the middle of town in Saint-Julien-les-Villas

A dog attacked two Highland cows made available to the municipality of Saint-Julien for eco-grazing.

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Benoît Vallée, from the Cattle farm (Yonne), runs an eco-grazing activity that he does with highland cows. For four years, he has been working with the City of Saint-Julien-les-Villas and everything is going well. Finally, until Sunday, September 18, around 9 am. “I received a phone call from a distraught gentleman telling me that a dog, of the American staff type, was attacking my cows”, says the breeder.

Benoît Vallée lives 45 km away. He jumps into his car to get to his animals as quickly as possible. “I received a very large number of calls on the way. They are a bit like the mascots of the neighborhood, people were very worried”. He is halfway there when someone warns him that the dog has let go.

On the spot, are the neighborhood, the police and Cathy Vienne, the deputy mayor. It was she who called the police, finding the animals bleeding, especially at the level of the muzzle. Benoît Vallée observes the damage. “They were in pain. One of the two was badly damaged”. Luckily, he finds a veterinarian who can intervene urgently.

The witnesses report to the breeder that the owner of the dog, a runaway animal, had tried to pass over the fence to recover it without succeeding because it was too high. ” Fortunately. Even though, in town, I always make sure to put docile animals, in the panic, they could have charged her”says Benoît Vallée.

As soon as the dog let go, she left the scene with him before returning a little later. She will be summoned soon by the police and the breeder intends to file a complaint.

“I’m not doing this to hurt the dog. Because a dog, regardless of its breed, if it is well brought up does no harm”. And to add: “What I want is for the owner to be forced to do what is necessary for her to be able to control her dog. »

Benoît Vallée does not want his animals to experience this again next year. Above all, he cannot help imagining this same scene with a child as the victim. It is important for him to act on this complaint because he does not want this fear to become a reality in six months. ” If that were the case, I would blame myself for life for not having done anything”.

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