Two cats killed by crossbow fire in Domérat (Allier): “It is despicable to cause such suffering! »

“Ignorant! This word comes up often when Marie, an investigator at the SPA in Montluçon (Allier), mentions two cats recently killed in Domérat (Allier). “We found the first one stuck in a fence, a crossbow bolt in his body,” she describes, her eyes tarnished with grief.

A first complaint

Last March, Marie therefore filed a first complaint “for acts of cruelty and serious abuse. “Aggravating circumstances today strongly sanctioned by law:” It is five years of imprisonment and 75,000 euros fine. People need to understand that this is very serious! “A complaint left, for the time being, without follow-up.

The SPA looking for volunteer investigators in the Allier

Worse, on Saturday September 3, a second cat was found “in the same area”, around rue des Rimords. A little female, fed once by a generous family, came to die on their sofa, a crossbow bolt stuck in her side.

Deeply shocked, they take particularly distressing photos, before urgently taking the feline to a veterinarian, forced to euthanize the animal due to the extent of the injury. Revolted, it is this family who decides to alert the public. Messages to various media, Facebook publication… Until this affair came to the ears of the investigator of the SPA of Montluçon.

A second complaint

“Seven months ago, he felt unpunished. He started again. The investigator thus filed a second complaint, recalling the first. “I hope they will do the right thing. Some will say it’s just a cat, but you can’t cause excruciating pain with impunity! »

Marie, like the family who found the second cat, calls for caution. “We tell ourselves that of good crossbow shooters, there must not be hundreds of them. However, we must not take it wrongly and through the shooting clubs. All hope for a conclusive investigation, so that justice is done.

Just in case, Marie will post some pictures of the second cat on the Pet Alert 03 Facebook page. “This cat was not identified, but she may have belonged to someone. »

Delphine Simoneau


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