Two additional fast food outlets are settling in, is that too much Poit

A KFC settles in Beaulieu while a McDonald’s builds the Gibauderie, bringing the number of fast-food restaurants to fifteen in the Poitevin territory. The market still does not saturate.

The information was passed a few weeks ago on the social networks of a recruitment site: KFC is recruiting for the opening of its next Poitiers-Beaulieu restaurant. Sixty vacancies to be filled. A more than explicit word which announced the arrival of a third KFC Poitiers restaurant, after those of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou and Poitiers-Sud.
The installation of the American glove was quickly confirmed with the rapid appearance of a building permit for lot 64 of the Gant shopping mall. The cell is located between the entrance to the Basic Fit gym and the Action business.

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With this new restaurant, KFC is establishing itself in the Beaulieu district, already very busy with fast food chains. They are almost all there: Quick, O’Tacos, Burger King and McDonald’s.
The last city is also concerned by a new Poitiers installation. In addition to its Poitiers-Sud, Demi-Lune, Beaulieu and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou restaurants, McDonald’s has decided to build a fifth at a place called Maison-Coupe, at the end of avenue Jacques- Heart.
With these two new restaurants, the number of fast food outlets in the outskirts (Poitiers and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou) now increases to fifteen establishments.
In comparison, if we assess the presence of top names from the estate in neighboring towns, we see that Poitiers is the second busiest city for fast food, behind Tours and its twenty restaurants. Niort has only five, LaRochelle seven, Angoulme eight and Limoges eleven.
The Poitevin figure may thus seem significant on the scale of the territory and its demography. But two simultaneous installations must be interpreted as the sign of a flourishing local market. Especially since these two restaurants are both set up as close as possible to the campus and its young clientele, reputed to be sensitive to fast food.

Bad distribution?

The local fast-food market is therefore concentrated in three places: Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Poitiers-Sud and Beaulieu. The installation of the KFC confirms this phenomenon. Frdric Vandamme, head of KFCs in the sector, explains his choice: Behind this installation, there are market studies. It is definitely interesting for us to locate this third Beaulieu restaurant, near the university. The city center is also accessible with delivery services.
The other districts are less taken. Even the city center, which has only one Quick on the town hall square. In 2020, however, McDonald’s had inquired about a location in the rue du March-Notre-Dame. A revolt of local residents had then risen with a much relayed petition. at the time, opponents denounced the symbol of junk food.
A criticism which is no longer valid according to the specialist in the field, Frdric Vandamme. The local KFC boss explains: We are creating a lot of jobs, with the possibility of career development, but also jobs for young people. And our stores are very much in step with the sorting restrictions.
Administratively, the municipality makes it known that it has no say in whether a fast food restaurant wishes to settle in the city center in the future, in compliance with the Local Urban Plan (PLU). The representatives of fast food know this, but remain reserved, so as not to clash with the population of the city center.

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