Trump supporters disrupt the organization of the midterm elections

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With less than two months to go until the midterm elections, local election officials are dealing with an avalanche of unusual demands.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

They are overwhelmed. In more than 20 states and even more counties, local election officials are struggling to respond to unusual queries.

Citizens ask them to provide them with electoral statements or other documents concerning the 2020 polls. It is precisely these elections that are contested by Donald Trump and some of his supporters, against all evidence and numerous court decisions. And they are the ones who are apparently in charge.

The requests are often written in the same way, when they are not in technical terms that the requesters themselves do not know how to specify when they are solicited. Because local electoral officials are responding to these demands. Firstly out of a desire for transparency, which is essential to trust in elections. Then because the law obliges them to do so.

Except that the quantity disturbs their work. While they respond to these demands, they are not working on the organization of the next deadline, the midterm elections on November 8. Some wonder if this is not the objective. To create the conditions for possible errors and new protests by artisans of electoral denial.

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