Trump imposes himself by supporting extraordinary candidates

Donald Trump at the Save America rally on October 22 in Robstown, Texas. Brandon Bell/AFP

The candidates chosen by the former US president were chosen on the basis of their loyalty to him, rather than their eligibility.

Washington Correspondent

For Joe Biden and the Democrats, but also for the Republican Party apparatus, he was the one we hardly dared to name Biden no longer called him only “the previous president”. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky senator and Republican Senate Minority Leader, and other party leaders hoped to see the influence of a former president under whom they lost the White House and both houses of Congress diminish.

Without being a candidate himself, Donald Trump nevertheless managed to impose himself in the ballot, to the point of making it largely resemble a referendum around his person.

Playing with his influence and his considerable financial means, Trump tried to impose his candidates in the Republican primaries. One of the main selection criteria was allegiance to his allegations of fraud in the 2020 election, which remains the main theme of his interventions.

The victory of a good number of these candidates, sometimes against…

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