Trois-Bassins: new attack of stray dogs in an educational farm

This Wednesday, November 2, a stray dog ​​attack occurred in the heights of Trois-Bassins, at the educational farm l’Arche de Marie. Ten lambs were decimated.

Another hard blow for the Arche de Marie farm in Trois-Bassins. This Wednesday, November 2, Jean-Luc Fontaine faces an attack by stray dogs on his lamb farm. According to the owner, a dozen lambs, out of the twenty present in his breeding, were targeted. A loss that he estimates at around 3,000 euros. “Out of twenty, I have about ten left. Half the lambs are injured, others are missing, others are dead“laments the breeder.

This is not the first time the farm has faced this kind of attack. Last July, chickens were attacked. In September, geese were decimated. “It becomes impossible“, says Jean-Luc Fontaine. “There, I lost 3,000 euros. In July with the chickens, I lost 2,000 euros. In September, I lost 1,500 euros for geese. I don’t know what to do“.

For the breeder,it is necessary to bring together all the breeders concerned by attacks by stray dogs, elected officials of the TCO in order to find a solution. Communities must take responsibility for solving the problem” he concludes.

10 lambs attacked by stray dogs in Trois-Bassins

©Thierry Chapuis

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