Trial of the supporters, the lawyer of Saint-Etienne embarrassed

After hearing the 11 supporters of the ASSE before the criminal court, the representative of the Loire club pleaded first. He says he is embarrassed.

11 ASSE supporters were heard by the Loire Criminal Court on Wednesday. They are prosecuted for violence and degradation during the second leg of the play-off against AJ Auxerre, on May 29 in Geoffroy-Guichard. Each of them tried to defend themselves against the prosecutor, during the hearing followed and reported by the journalist of France BlueJeremy Marillier.

The last two defendants naturally defended themselves as their co-defendants. A defendant (the 10th), who is a mason by profession and already convicted in the past for incidents in stadiums, is being prosecuted for throwing a bottle of water at the CRS, “almost empty”, he specifies. and for trespassing on the lawn. “Why this bottle of water on the CRS? asked the president of the court. “I have nothing against the police, I wanted to throw my bottle towards the stands, never towards them. It’s shameful what happened, it could have been serious, ”he slipped, in comments reported by the source.

As for the 11th defendant, also a mason and a member of the Green Angels, he is being prosecuted for having entered the lawn and for throwing smoke towards the players’ entrance. “If AS Saint-Etienne had won, I could have lit my smoke to maintain it. There, we entered the field and I foolishly followed the crowd. I’m a different man when I support ASSE, when I don’t normally make noise. I’m sorry, ”admitted the latter defendant.

The ASSE lawyer: “It’s quite a difficult exercise to bring a civil action”

ASSE, which is a civil party in the trial, pleaded first according to the source. And me Olivier Martin, the representative of AS Saint-Etienne, said he was embarrassed. “It is quite a difficult exercise for ASSE to bring civil action against men who have been proclaiming since this morning their passion and their love for this club”, underlined the lawyer’s entry.

“It’s a strange feeling of discrepancy between the characterized violence of that evening, this insurrection, almost this war, and then these individuals practically well in every way facing us today. This is perplexing. Two beginnings of an explanation for this question, in my opinion: individuals who, through an intellectual journey, appropriated AS AS Saint-Étienne […]. The second explanation is more poetic: the band effect. Individually, each of the defendants would never have done that,” added the ASSE lawyer.

“The club’s position is very clear: there is neither benevolent complicity nor indulgence in relation to these events. When the red line is crossed, these supporters become delinquents. The love for ASSE then disappears, we need sanctions, ”said Me Olivier Martin. “Our civil action is justified: we, the organizing club of this match, are a victim of these actions. »

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