Trial of the November 13 attacks: Abdeslam’s lawyers will finish the pleadings

It’s almost over, the trial of the attacks of November 13. After a final day of defense pleadings, the court will give the defendants the floor one last time on Monday, before retiring to deliberate.

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This time is the very last. After two weeks of defense pleadings, Mes Martin Vettes and Olivia Ronen will stand up this Friday for Salah Abdeslam, and they know that everyone is waiting for them.

This Thursday, already, we had come terribly close to the attacks themselves, since it was the defenders of Mohamed Abrini, who had the floor – the one who now admits that he was “ intended for November 13, but which he gave up the day before. It is indeed on this that Me Marie Violleau insisted: ” It is not nothing to give up at that moment. They show him his room, but he leaves. Everyone looks at him and he leaves. »

Abrini also gave up a second time, four months later, at Zaventem airport. We see him on the CCTV images, first alongside the two terrorists who will blow themselves up, then alone, leaving the terminal, and disappearing. ” You can never forget that he kept doubting “, said the lawyer to the court. For her, it is not worth the life sentence requested by the prosecution.

“By humanity”

This Friday, therefore, we will approach even closer. Salah Abdeslam dropped off the three terrorists from the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, then he says today that he has given up in turn. ” People from the terraces, I was like them he told the hearing. So he would have given up. out of humanity “.

My Vettes and Ronen have undoubtedly understood, by surveying the corridors and the room of the lost steps of the old Parisian courthouse, that this word has not passed, on the side of the civil parties. Will they choose to forget it or plead it by attempting a delicate explanation? They are on a wire, it is obvious.

Sometimes silent, other times bravado, Salah Abdeslam ended up taking a step towards the victims, going so far as to apologize, which his two lawyers will obviously underline. And this Friday evening, it will be over with the pleadings.

On Monday, the court will return to give the defendants the floor one last time, as required by procedure, and then retire to deliberate. The verdict is expected for Wednesday, if the defendants are not too talkative on Monday. And it will then be the end of the longest trial ever organized in France.

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