Trial of the Millas drama: the bus driver found guilty, “this is the decision we were waiting for”, reacts Me Chemla, lawyer for the civil party

This Friday, November 18, Nadine Oliveira, the only defendant in the trial of the Millas drama which had caused the death of six schoolchildren and injured 17 others on December 14, 2017, was found guilty of “homicides and involuntary injuries by negligence, recklessness , inattention or breach of a safety rule” by the Marseille Criminal Court. She was sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment, four of which were suspended. For Me Gérard Chemla, lawyer for the civil party, the court’s decision is “a well thought out, measured decision”.

“For me, we are in a decision without surprise. That is to say that we are in what we expected. The bus driver, Nadine Oliveira, is declared guilty, that is the most important. She is found guilty because she pushed the barrier. There is no debate on the reality of the closure of the crossing or on its functioning. The court then imposed a sentence. The sentence, it is clearly said that it is less important than it could have been because the court is aware that the bus driver had a bad experience of the hearing. This is the sentence that is necessary to show that she is guilty : five years of imprisonment, one year firm that she can do under electronic surveillance, which she can therefore do without going to a remand center, which is not necessarily what the victims wanted. has a sentence that is quite appropriate”declared Me Gérard Chemla, defense lawyer, after the reading of the deliberation by the criminal court of Marseille in the trial of the drama of Millas.

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Honestly, I don’t see what she could be looking for in an appeal court

“The court then ruled on the damages. It is not a problem of amount. It is the symbolic dimension of damages which are very intense. The damage of imminent death anxiety and the court explains very clearly what what it means to be on the train tracks after being run over by that train, to hear the children screaming, to be thrown from childhood to adulthood without any transition. expectation and concern from loved ones. It was obvious. And, there is also the prejudice of camaraderie”, he continued.

“We are on a decision which is on a well thought out, measured decision. We will see if Ms Oliveira appeals it. We will follow her if she does. But honestly, I do not see what she could be looking for in a court of ‘call”, explains Me Chemla. At the time of this statement by the lawyer for the civil party, the two defense lawyers, Me Jean Codognès and Me Louis Fagniez, announced that they were appealing the decision of the criminal court. As a reminder, they must file this appeal within 10 days.

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