Trial of the July 14 attack: more than 80 lawyers will plead next week

This Friday, questioned by lawyers, the president of the special assize court of Paris, Laurent Raviot, confirmed that the timing initially planned would be respected, namely a verdict on Friday, December 16.

On the other hand, there is uncertainty about the deliberations, namely on what day the court will retire to consider the case of the eight defendants. “The deliberation will take place on Tuesday 13 or Wednesday 14. If the court gives a motivation, it will be deferred”, said the president. The judgment would thus be made available to the parties on Friday 16.

This Friday, we learned that more than 80 lawyers are preparing to plead from next Wednesday, November 23, for the start of the pleadings of the civil parties. Others could still declare themselves.

If the time allocated to lawyers is respected, the requisitions of the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office will be taken on December 6, over one day. Then come the defense arguments. The last word will be, as the law requires, to the accused.

This Friday, the court heard Enkeledja Zace, the “translator” of the clan of Albanian “gunsmiths” (our Thursday edition). The one who shared the life of Artan Henaj denied with a vehemence sometimes bordering on insolence having participated in any drug trafficking or arms sale. To the point of greatly irritating the court and being repeatedly chastised by the president.

Enkeledja Zace is designated in this file by her ex-companion and Ramzi Arefa. Both had repeated during the week that she was present during the sale of the automatic pistol, on July 12, and during the delivery of the Kalashnikov, on July 13. Also heard was Maksim Celaj, also Albanian, who admitted having recovered the Kalashnikov buried in a bag on a hill in Falicon, and having transported it.

The trial resumes Monday at 9:30 a.m.


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