Trained at the RSMA, she joined the kitchens of Marcel Ravin

Master Corporal Angela Vilocy mentored the regiment’s kitchen helpers for four years. And at the age of 25, she has just been recruited into the kitchen team of the Palm, a new catering establishment whose menu is signed by the Martinican chef Marcel Ravin.

Indeed, faced with her motivation and to refine her techniques, the RSMA and the restaurant have chosen to direct Angela to the heart of the kitchens of the two-starred chef. Pushing students and apprentices towards excellence is one of the foundations of the RSMA, a point of honor for the management of the Palm and a motto for chef Marcel Ravin”, thus explain in a joint press release the two institutions concerned.

Angela Vilocy has already been able to spend three weeks in the kitchens of Marcel Ravin, in Monaco, and has gained valuable first experience, as she testifies at the microphone of Florin Hossu:

I was very well received by chef Marcel Ravin and his team. I learned a lot about how a restaurant like this works, because it’s a different way of working. It is a very available team. Very good atmosphere, great work done and a lot of knowledge. That was a very rewarding experience for me.

Still quite mysterious, the RSMA and the Palm present the latter in these terms: “rehabilitation of a unique place between history and modernity, the Palm is a restaurant located in the center of the island whose menu is signed by Marcel Ravin, with a lounge and afterwork atmosphere bar, as well as a business area“. To follow.

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