Toulouse. The narcotics dog flushes out the “nurse”: 1 kg of resin and 12,000 euros cash seized

In Toulouse, the narcotics dog made it possible to flush out 1 kg of resin and 12,000 euros in cash, in the apartment of a “nurse”, Friday November 4, 2022. (©Prefecture of Police/Facebook/Illustration)

The trivialization of drug trafficking seems scary at times, but law enforcement isn’t giving up. Friday, November 4, 2022, around 2:30 p.m., a police operation was deployed Mirail districtIn Toulouse.

The dog smells the nurse

Came in number – TSB Mirail (Specialized Field Brigade), USES (Narcotics and Underground Economy Unit) -, and with the support of the canine squadthe police knocked on the door of an apartment.

For once, it opened without difficulty. The occupant of the premises, a 34 year old male “Already known for narcotics cases”, was nevertheless quickly forced to follow his visitors to the police station.

Immediate appearance in sight

Because the dog of narcotics has sniffed out the confusion and flushed out 1 kg of resin and 12,000 euro cash at this claimed “nurse”.

referred to Toulouse public prosecutor’s office during the weekend, the 30-year-old was to be tried on Monday, November 7, as part of a immediate appearance.

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