Toulouse. Spanish atmosphere close to the Capitol, in this brand new restaurant and tapas bar

2 rue Rivals is taken over by the restaurant Casa Xurry; (©Casa Xurry)

A few steps from the Capitol Squareit is a brand new restaurant and tapas bar which opened its doors at the end of September 2022. Casa Xurry, held by Sandrine and Cyril, reigns the Spanish atmosphere in the city center of Toulouse.

On the way to a new challenge

The couple was destined to embark on the adventure. Cyril, born in France, spent much of his life in Girona, Spain. “I entered a kitchen for the first time when I was 14, and I never picked up again“, advances the one who counts, now 35 candles at the counter.

Catalonia, the Basque Country, Angoulême: the cooking enthusiast multiplies the experiences, before to land in Capbreton. The seesaw. ” I met Sandrine the low. She spent seasons there to pay for her studies in social assistance, she started working there as a waitress at 16 years old. »

Eventually, restoration will prevail. 32 years oldthe woman who has shared Cyril’s life for a decade now, has embarked on the Toulouse adventure.

Toulouse, the perfect place

Seasonal for many years, the couple now wanted to fly on their own. Sandrine is Basque, Cyril is Catalan. “We both have family in Toulouse, which was our crossing point between the Basque Country and Catalonia,” smiles the Spanish chef. Installed in the Pink City for a year, the duo set their sights on a premises located at 2 rue Rivals. By taking care to listen to fruitful advice.

The restaurant opened its doors at the end of September 2022.
The restaurant opened its doors at the end of September 2022. (©Casa Xurry)

“Our former bosses, our mentors, always told us that the basis of a good business is location. They weren’t wrong. It’s the first time we’ve been on our own : there is the blossoming of a project, of a dream that we had simmered for years… We are happy, motivated, tired too, but it’s good fatigue!”

CyrilCasa Xurry

An inauguration on September 19, a departure on 26 : the restaurant Casa Xurry launched after two weeks of work. The duo is now in charge of the restaurant and tapas bar. But in reality, there is a third living force to support Sandrine and Cyril. ” Richard, my little brother, was available is with us,” says the second. “He had also done seasons, but very little cooking. So I’m here to teach him.”

Tapas bar and restaurant version

In this establishment which has 26 seats but which can “accommodate a good forty customers during a tapas evening with everyone standing up”, the team wants to give priority to quality. “We are working fresh products, of season, and everything is home made “, reveals Sandrine.

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The enclosure can accommodate up to 40 people.
The enclosure can accommodate up to 40 people. (©Casa Xurry)

And at Casa Xurry, there are two very distinct sequences. First, a specially designed menu from Monday to Friday noon. “We have a menu with a starter, three dishes of your choice, and a dessert”, continues Sandrine. Among the three dishes, the first is composed only of vegetables. The second is based on meat, and the third gives pride of place to fish. But there is always a Spanish air since the basquaise chicken and the Axoa are on the bill.

A menu that varies between midday and evening.
A menu that varies between midday and evening. (©Casa Xurry)

Then, the establishment switches to tapas bar mode, on Thursday and Friday evenings, and all day Saturday. “It’s a card of tapas and pinchos, typically Spanish, with new products every week,” continues the manager. The restaurant part opens from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and the bar part from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Casa Xurry
2 rue Rivals, in Toulouse
Open for lunch Monday to Friday (9 a.m. to 3 p.m.)
Open evenings on Thursday and Friday (6 p.m.-12 a.m.)
Open Saturday all day.

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