Toulouse lawyer Sarah Nabet-Claverie champion of France in pleadings

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At just 30 years old, Sarah Nabet-Claverie, a lawyer from Toulouse, has just won the national pleadings competition. One more reward for the young associate of Me Alexandre Parra-Bruguière.

Sarah Nabet-Claverie, a lawyer from Toulouse, has just won a national pleading competition, organized by the Conférence des Bâtonnier. The national conference of the great oath, this is the name of this competition, brings together the 23 best candidates. This year the final took place in Libourne, in Gironde. “The experience was enriching, all the participants were extraordinary”; says the winner.

Before becoming the talented criminal lawyer, the young woman studied political science and public law in Lyon. “I then took a master’s degree in finance law in Toulouse, before going on an internship”. Her first experience as a lawyer took place in Paris, in a firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. “It was not what I expected. I realized that I was much more attracted to criminal matters. What I like is being able to help people in the most complicated moments of their lives” , explains the 30-year-old.

She already wins a pleading competition in Caen in 2019

In 2019, Sarah Nabet-Claverie moved to Toulouse. She begins to work with Me Jacques Derieux. At the same time, this Perpignan woman is setting herself a challenge. “I wanted to be legitimate for this profession. So I registered for the pleading competition for young lawyers”, she recalls.

A competition she won in Caen. And this victory launched his career as a penalist. “Alexandre Parra-Bruguière, one of the most renowned lawyers in my field, asked me if I was interested in working with him. Of course, I accepted”.

Between 2019 and September 2022, she becomes his collaborator. Then after proving herself, she ended up becoming a partner.

With this victory, a new international challenge awaits her. “I am very honored to be able to represent the Toulouse bar in France and abroad. And I hope to do as well as my predecessors in these new functions”.

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