Top 20 of the funniest tweets about cooking, the top that will make you hungry

Today it is the “culinary art” (which many do not seem to master) and the kitchenthe place itself, which are the subject of this top tweets. If Internet users have a lot of humor and sometimes manage to make us laugh with tweet completely unexpected (have you ever seen the lobsters from the Titanic?), many are amused above all by their faults, starting with their low level in kitchen. Yes, you will see flaming steaks, a kitchen destroyed and other disasters. In short, is not to cook who wants, as evidenced by this selection of 20 tweets most funny on the kitchen.


Me secretly eating what my sister cooked when I told her it was disgusting:

May 2, 2020


The lobsters in the kitchen of the Titanic when it sank

April 4, 2021


But I’m going to blow a cable he really cooks with a fan there??

September 23, 2022


In short, me and the kitchen…

January 16, 2020


When I go into the kitchen and see my favorite dish being prepared

June 23, 2020


It’s a Shinobi from Naruto the cook ptdrrr

October 2, 2022


The discussions in the kitchen while one is cooking and the other is watching because it is useless >>>>>>>>

May 18, 2021


*my wife coming out of the kitchen*

me :

August 23, 2020


That’s me coming into the kitchen when I start to smell good food

August 16, 2019


A streamer almost set her kitchen on fire during a cooking stream on

May 11, 2022


I’m looking for furniture I don’t need a kitchen but then I’m convinced I’m buying

November 26, 2020


I was enjoying the dish, but I was told that it was my sister who cooked it, and not my mother:

August 11, 2022


one day you’re young and the next day you want a kitchen

April 30, 2021


-Do you have a room to eat please
-Yes a kitchen mdrrrrrrrr

April 17, 2021


cooking without onions is NOT cooking

August 26, 2020


Indila when she cooks

June 12, 2020


“Courage to all the women who cook” Arouf

December 28, 2020


? I’m on the date, the bug, he cooks his pasta without water, I’m going to shoot myself

May 23, 2021


When you say that we men in the kitchen we are a hassle well it’s real mdrrr cooking fries he burned his dar

April 6, 2020


Me when it starts to come out good in the kitchen

May 20, 2019

Who says cooking says food and that’s good, we just have a top tweets on this subject!

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