To get in and out of the house, this cat loves to use his personal elevator! (Video)

His cat not having access to the ground floor, his owner, who lives upstairs, imagined an ingenious way to get him out and bring him home with ease. The animal quickly learned to use this rather special device.

To go up and down freely from the apartment, a cat has the right to its own “elevator”, improvised by its human. This is what we can realize by discovering the video posted by this denier on Reddit. A story told by Newsweek.

The master of the feline in question publishes on the social network under the username “ liparch “. Since he shared the footage on Reddit in March 2022, it totaled nearly 100 “upvotes” and hundreds of comments.

Aged 24 and living in Belgium, he explains that the ground floor and the garden are forbidden to his cat and that he had to think of a way to let him go out and come back to the apartment, on the first floor. , without difficulty. ” liparch says he has implemented this system since he adopted the animal 4 years earlier.

Illustration of the article: To get in and out of the house, this cat loves to use his personal elevator!  (Video)

The video first shows the tabby cat sitting at the foot of the dwelling, looking up and waiting for his elevator to pick him up. It is simply a transport box attached to a rope.

The feline, experienced in the exercise, enters the crate as soon as it touches the ground, then its master makes it climb up to him.

The amused owner

Contacted by Newsweekliparch » provides further details. ” When I got the cat, I didn’t get permission from the owner [de l’immeuble] because she is afraid of cats. A week later, I started sneaking into the garden to take my cat outside, but she heard me. So I imagined this system to avoid making noise when I take it out “.

He adds that when she saw him do it, she finally found it amusing. ” Since then, she allows him to be [dans le jardin] if I don’t let him roam the halls “, he concludes.

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