Three restaurateurs from Caen create Rainbow Kitchen: the kitchen will be shared!

In Caen (Calvados), Diana and David prepare their cuisine to share with professionals and individuals. It should open in early October 2022 at 75, rue du Vaugueux. ©Christophe Jacquet

For these three restaurateurs and caterers of Caen (Calvados), it is a “true revolution in the catering sector”. At the beginning of October 2022, three well-known chefs in town, Diana Djedidi from Greedy Guts, and Sylvain and David Pannel, two brothers who ran the pizzeria Ô Chato and Le Bistrot in Vaugueux, are to open the Rainbow Kitchen.

What’s this ? A professional kitchen to share, between colleagues, and also with individuals who could take lessons there.

Three cooking stations to be reserved on the site

At the top of rue du Vaugueux, the former premises of Persépolis, an Iranian restaurant closed for 6 years, is still under construction. The three friends, followers of vegan cuisine, are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the equipment that must equip the three positions soon to be made available:

  • a station with a pizza oven;
  • a pastry station;
  • a station with a forced-air oven, for cooking at a constant temperature.

All complemented by a large central island and a relaxation area.

They can be reserved and used by the hour (between 30 and 40€ per hour), half-day or for the full day (around 270€) via, only, the dedicated website, also in preparation.

“Discovery” prices at the start, which could be raised, helping success. Gathered in an economic interest grouping, the three partners would thus invoice “services”.

Vegan cooking classes for everyone

“We already have a lot of requests,” assures David Pannel, now a caterer on his own, especially at festivals, including Beauregard. According to him, it would be enough to fill the schedule at 40% “to start earning money”. The formula could appeal to cooks cramped at home or in their food trucks. And it would save them “fixed costs”: “Everything is included in the price. »

Videos: currently on Actu

Lacking space themselves, Diana, Sylvain and David have been thinking about launching this coworking space dedicated to catering for at least 3 years. The idea would have come to them from new food courts in the United States or Australia, this unique hall model with several associated restaurants.

The three chefs from Caen are miniaturizing it to the scale of an old downtown restaurant, a place where they can also be trainers. David Pannel is a certified pizza maker, and would like to pass on his way of making gluten-free dough, for example. The boss of Greedy Guts plans to give lessons to both children and the elderly, just to “plant small seeds” to promote and demystify vegetable, gluten-free cooking.

For Diana Djedidi, the Rainbow Kitchen would make it possible to trigger several cascading projects, in a virtuous network of actors in a short circuit around Caen.

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