Three police officers suspended after violent arrest filmed in the United States

A video showing a violent arrest in Arkansas, USA has been posted on social media. The three police officers involved were suspended this Sunday, August 21.

Police were called in the morning to an individual who authorities say was making threatening comments against a convenience store employee in Mulberry, Arkansas, USA.

Also according to the version of the police, the suspect would have pushed a deputy of the sheriff, who would have found himself on the ground, before hitting him with a punch behind the head.

It would be following this gesture that the police would have used force. On the video shared on social networks, we only see the suspect, on the ground, being beaten by the three agents (be careful, the video is very graphic).

Investigation entrusted to the State Police

Of the three officers, two are deputy sheriffs and the last is a city police officer. They were suspended Sunday for the duration of the investigation, entrusted to the State police of Arkansas.

“All of my employees are held accountable for their actions and I will take appropriate action in this matter”Sheriff Jimmy Damante said in a statement, adding that an internal investigation will be conducted in parallel.

The beaten man was taken to hospital. He should be charged with uttering threats, resisting arrest and possible assault.


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