three American police officers suspended in Arkansas, after a beating

The images are extremely violent. Those of three American police officers beating a man for long seconds during an arrest in Arkansas (United States). In the video, which sparked outrage on social media, the three police officers hold the white man to the ground, punching him hard in the head and kicking his legs with their knees, and banging his face against the concrete floor.

“It’s serious,” says a person off camera. When passers-by try to approach the police, one of them orders them to stay away. Videos showing police violence, often against African-Americans, regularly make headlines in the United States, a country still marked by the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer in May 2020.
“Like many of you, I was shocked and sickened by what I saw,” Gary Baxter, the mayor of the town where the video was filmed, Mulberry, said in a statement announcing that the one of the officers had been placed on “administrative leave” pending the results of an investigation. The other two officers, who work for Crawford County, were also suspended, with the sheriff promising he would take “appropriate action”.

A refusal to comply?

The violent arrest happened on Sunday, August 21 outside a grocery store, according to the Arkansas State Police, which has opened an investigation into the “use of force” by the officers. The victim, Randall Worcester, 27, was transported to a hospital before being imprisoned, according to the same source. He is the subject of several counts, including refusing to comply, resisting arrest and assault.

The suspect is accused of threatening a gas station employee, who called the police, Crawford County Sheriff Jimmy Damante told a local news outlet Randall Worcester was initially cooperative, before becoming violent and trying to attack the officers? The state’s Republican Governor, Asa Hutchinson, said on Twitter that he had spoken with the state’s police chief, saying the facts would be “investigated in accordance with the video evidence and the request of the prosecutor”.

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