Threats to Pogba, Terminal in front of the Medef and direction to the Moon for Artemis

Did you miss the news this early morning? We’ve put together a recap to help you see things more clearly.

What happened between Paul and Mathias Pogba? To find out more, the investigators heard from Paul Pogba about the threats he allegedly suffered. According to France Info, which cites sources familiar with the matter, an investigation for “extortion attempts in an organized gang” on the player of the France team and Juventus Turin has been open since the beginning of August. At the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, the world champion would have revealed to be the victim of threats and attempted extortion on the part of his own brother, author of an enigmatic video on TikTok this Saturday, and of childhood friend.

Star guest terminal for the start of the Medef school year to talk about energy sobriety

The Meeting of Entrepreneurs of France (REF) of the Medef opens this Monday with two star guests: Elisabeth Borne and Volodymyr Zelensky. The Ukrainian president will intervene by videoconference and live. But it is especially the speech of the Prime Minister which is particularly awaited. During her speech, she intends in particular to call on companies for energy sobriety.

The Americans are (re)aiming for the Moon. A six-week mission in space, in preparation for more than a decade, launched in front of tens of thousands of spectators: NASA’s new rocket, the most powerful in the world, is due to take off on Monday for the first time since Florida, towards the Moon. Fifty years after Apollo’s last flight, the Artemis 1 mission should mark the launch of the American program to return to our satellite, which should allow humanity to then reach Mars, aboard the same vessel. NASA will therefore have once again this Monday, at 2:30 p.m., its head in the stars.

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