thousands of refugees at the center of a cruel game between Texas and New York – Liberation


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The Republican governor of Texas, the main gateway for migrants to the United States, charters buses to transport asylum seekers to Democratic strongholds. In New York, NGOs are mobilizing to welcome them.

“The governor of Texas wants to throw New York into chaos and embarrassment. But he can persist until the November elections, or even beyond, it will not work. The lines drawn by dint of too short nights, but as if repainted by the colored halos of the candy box of pixels in Times Square, where Ilze Thielmann sips an iced coffee, she states this bravado in a tone of obvious determination and placid fury: that “the best city in the world” and her plural mosaic of faces and accents remains a haven open to all, there’s no doubt about that for her.

Forty hour crossing

At the head of an aid organization for asylum seekers, this lawyer, in her fifties, finds herself on the very front line facing the devastating effects of a communication operation instigated from the southern tip of the country. An initiative of Texan Greg Abbott, campaigning for his re-election at the head of the second most populous American state – also the one where most of the candidates for American exile are presented, whose number has exploded in recent months. The elected Republican thus intends to denounce the “hypocrisy” of the large progressive metropolises of the northeast, “self-proclaimed sanctuaries” for foreigners but, according to him, givers of lessons at very little cost, when his Texas would be since the electio…


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