“Thousands of French people have been poisoned without knowing it”

Marianne: Last May, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation for manslaughter and involuntary injuries, marketing of a product dangerous to health and endangering the lives of others. Where is the investigation into the case of contaminated Buitoni pizzas today?

Pierre Debuisson: Nowhere, to believe that justice despises the infinite distress in which families are plunged… I defend in particular the parents of Nathan, 8 years old, who died after three major operations and two cardiac arrests, fifteen days after consuming a Buitoni pizza. As for Kelig, his parents bought a promotional frozen pizza of the same brand while shopping at the supermarket – yet they never bought it. His kidneys, brain and heart were quickly damaged. And a few weeks later, while he was kept on life support, doctors asked his parents to choose when to “unplug” him. He died on March 10 in the arms of his parents, of whom he was the only child. Their dismay is endless…

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