this surreal fear that Jonathann’s lawyers had before his confession

On the night of October 27 to 28, 2017, Alexia Daval was killed by her husband, Jonathann. For three months, the young man had appeared tearful, alongside his parents-in-law, before finally admitting to having strangled his wifeby accident“. A real shock for his family and especially for his mother, Martine Henry.

In his book Me, mum of Jonathannpublished by Michalon, she confided about his son’s involvement in the death of his wife:In my first interview, at L’Est R├ępublicain, I said that Jonathan couldn’t be the culprit. You have to put yourself in my place; it is inconceivable for a mother to think that her son could be a murderer. Jonathan, so sweet, so kind, whom I know so well… It’s dizzying“.

Jonathann Daval’s mother makes revelations about her lawyers

More than five years after the events, the mother of Jonathann Daval still has trouble imagining how her son could have stayed “camped on his lies so long“. She evokes a force she did not know at the one who previously worked in a computer consulting and maintenance company.

Finally, Martine Henry returned to the attitude of the lawyers of his son, Randall Schwerdorffer and Ornella Spatafpra at the time of his arrest for Alexia’s murder. “Even they were initially convinced of Jonathann’s innocence” she confided before continuing: “They had advised him to stand up to the (…)


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