This little prairie dog travels everywhere with its owner

Chuck is a charming little prairie dog who spends his days having fun with his family. The adorable animal has his own Instagram account where his adventures and fun antics are shared with his followers.

Chuck’s favorite activities, it seems, are car rides and eating treats while enjoying the view out the window. He likes to have fun and above all has a big personality, which contrasts with his small size.

© Instagram/ prairiechuck

This adorable rodent entered the life of his family a few years ago and since then everything has been a real adventure. Chuck enjoys sunny days at the beach, running around in the countryside and making friends with other animals that are much bigger than him.

The prairie dog travels everywhere with its owner.

His master often shares his daily routine on social media, and captivates thousands of people.

© Instagram/ prairiechuck

Although Chuck may seem small and helpless, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that he is not afraid of anything and always takes risks to live new experiences, of course, under the supervision of his master.

Since the animal entered the life of his family, there is no normal or boring day at home, because with Chuck everything is always full fun and adventure.

© Instagram/ prairiechuck

Chuck often visits different places in the company of his master, and wherever he goes, he makes new friends and attracts people’s attention with his adorable appearance.

But while the prairie dog may seem helpless at first glance, the truth is that Chuck can be quite defiant with other animals and often makes it clear he’s the boss whenever he gets the chance.

Chuck will continue to enjoy life with his loved ones, exploring new places, eating tasty treats and captivating many people.

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