This is how your cat feels when you leave him home alone

The owners of cats and other pets should follow several recommendations when planning to leave a cat alone home for a while.

The first thing to remember is that with the right means, an adult cat (three to six years old) can be left alone for 24 to 48 hours. And kittens, on the other hand, cannot be left alone.

Instead of thinking about their independence, we should think that any animal is happier with our presence. Cats need our attention and care. In addition to strengthening the ties that unite us to them, they generate happiness and this contributes to their good health.

We can’t know exactly how a cat feels when home alone, but thanks to behavioral studies and its own reactions in every situationwe can get closer to his feelings and give him the time he needs.

Inevitably, most people with a cat have to spend a lot of time away from home for various reasons and obligations. We can therefore improve certain situations in our home to positively influence their feelings while we are away.


Boredom is one of the most common feelings in our cats when they are home alone, so how do you combat it?

Bedroom :

Cats are naturally curious. If you have to go to work or run errands, try to give your cat enough space to move freely around the house. In addition to being overwhelmed by the restriction of their space, they may be bored.

A place to scratch:

To avoid the unpleasant sensations that can be part of the boredom in our absence, we can leave specific places in different parts of the house for him to scratch. Our cat will be able to file his nails during daily cleaning without damaging the furniture.

A high place to climb:

Entertain them! In addition to their curiosity and hunting instinct, cats love heights and climbing. There are several ways to create a relaxation area in our house so that our cats do not get bored when they are home alone.

Toys :

In this same playful space we can include some toys suitable for cats, which will help keep them occupied during the time that we cannot share with them. Even surprise him with cardboard boxes where he can hide or unusual novelties in our house.

The hunter instinct:

What if instead of always putting your food in the same place, you take the opportunity to play hide and seek? It could become a game for him, he will enjoy looking for his prey and will fight boredom.

Comfort zone :

Despite its activity and hunting instinct, we must not forget that our cat also needs rest. A comfortable and suitable resting place allows our cats to relax in our absence, and time spent alone becomes more acceptable.

Having a cat is a responsibility. When they spend a lot of time alone at home, they get bored and sad and need care and attention. Although they may seem like independent animals that need their own space, they also need our company.. Therefore, if you do not have enough time to take care of a cat, you can also wonder if you can really welcome him into your home as you wish.

Many people who have a cat and have little free time opt for another animal to keep them company. However, this is not a solution, because if one cat needs time, two cats need more time.

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