This is how often you should walk a puppy

If you’ve just adopted a puppy, you’re probably wondering how often you should walk your dog. This is a topic that few people think about when adopting and is actually quite important, as puppies tend to make their needs more frequently when they are small. If you don’t walk them around as often as you should, you’ll probably spend all day cleaning up pee all over the house.

When dogs are babies they require a lot of attention and as responsible owners it is our duty to know the animal’s needs and meet them. Over time, the puppy will learn to relieve himself outside and less frequently. But, as long as he is a puppyyou will probably have to walk it up to 6 times a day.

puppies, like children or babies, tend to have more problems with suppressing the urge to relieve themselves, which is completely normal. For this reason, the number of times they defecate per day is considerably higher than that of an adult dog. This information was shared by Ana Ramírez, veterinary expert at Kivet.

How often you should walk your puppy

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Generally, your pet will need to pee around six times a day, which changes as your dog ages, usually around thirty-two weeks of age. So you need to walk your puppy often enough to get him used to going outside. Over time you will learn how often your adult dog will need to be walked.

One thing to keep in mind is that the size or breed of the dog does not affect how often it needs to be walked, according to Ms. Ramirez. This is a myth that many people believe. The most normal thing is for your dog to go for a walk about three times a day, although sometimes it could be two or even four, depending on the situation.

Once your puppy has learned to relieve himself outside, you have to walk it for forty-five to ninety minutes every day so he can socialize, sniff and see new places. It is important to emphasize that walks are not only for meeting their physiological needs, but are also necessary for your dog’s physical and mental well-being.

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