This is how dogs detect the wrong person, according to a study

How dogs detect a bad person: a study reveals it – Source: Capture Facebook

We often hear that a dog is man’s best friend. Every day, pet owners witness their unwavering dedication, loyalty, and even ability to bring life and protect their loved ones, no matter the cost.

However, we are also aware that dogs, however friendly, bark at certain people. Many think it’s because of their energy or simply because they don’t like them. A study then revealed that this reaction could be due to the fact that dogs can distinguish and identify when someone is not a good person.

A study conducted by Dr. Akiko Takaoka and her research team at Kyoto University, Japan, concluded that dogs have the ability to know who to trust and who not to trust.

The experiment took place in three parts to determine if the dogs really know who to trust. The researchers pointed to a bowl of food and, in the second phase, to an empty bowl.

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In the third phase, the researchers again designated a container with food, but the dogs no longer responded in any way, i.e. they lost confidence.

Researcher Takaoka suggests that dogs use their previous experience to determine if a person is trustworthy or not. ” They have a more sophisticated social intelligence than we thought, which evolved selectively through history along with humans,” he said.

The study also found that dogs react to how other people interact with their owners. During the search, almost 50 dog owners had to ask several people for help. The first offered help, the second mistreated them, and the last completely ignored them.

So when people refused to help or ignored the owners and offered treats to the dogs, the latter refused to receive them. So the next time your dog has a “bad feeling” about someone, don’t ignore it.

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