This former vegetarian reveals the effects of the lack of meat on her body, the shock!

We know that to be healthy, it is important to have a good diet. To eat balanced dishes, to vary the meals, to think about proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and to drink water. Some think that you should limit your meat consumption as much as possible. This is an idea shared by Kristel Kazumi. But after four years, she decides to stop her vegetarian diet to eat meat again. And the change is startling.

Is Kristen Kazumi in better shape since she eats meat?

She says it. For four years, the young woman decided not to eat meat anymore. More and more people decide to do like her. After all, most of us eat too much meat. This overconsumption plays an important role in global warming, in addition to leading slaughterhouses to behave unworthily towards animals. The solution is therefore to reduce consumption, or even simply to stop eating meat to become a vegetarian.

For four years, Kristen goes without meat. But she decides to stop her diet and change her diet to eat meat again. And after three weeks, his finding is final. She feels fitter, and even more beautiful. ” The appearance of the skin has improved, the face is less puffy. But best of all, I don’t feel like I’m gonna die anymore“, she wrote while sharing a photo montage. We see her on a vegetarian side, with a fairly dull complexion and pimples. And on the other recently meaty. She flaunts great skin and looks, indeed, in better shape.

Eat meat to be healthy? Internet users are divided…

First of all, there are those for whom the photos prove nothing. Make-up, editing software, and voila: you can make people believe what you want. Then they don’t know what diet exactly Kristen followed. She was a vegetarian, of course, but did she eat balanced meals? Was she careful not to suffer from deficiencies? If not, that might explain why she wasn’t feeling well. Others believe the young woman. ” We are carnivores above all“, writes a user, while another indicates that “ the difference is visible“.

After all, this editing and this testimony will only allow everyone to reassure themselves in their convictions. Vegetarians will say that she followed her diet badly and that meat is not good for health. Meat lovers will use this example to prove to vegetarians that human beings absolutely must eat meat to be healthy.

How does the body react when you become a vegetarian?

The reality is that a person who becomes a vegetarian deprives himself of meat. And the body reacts to this change. The bacterial flora of a vegetarian is not the same as that of a meat-eater. ” A meat diet involves significant bile secretions. Consequently, the flora is adapted to this environment rich in bile salts, which is not the case for the microbiota of vegetarians, for example.“, notes Doctor Sébastien Demange, member of the Nutrition-Health commission of the Vegetarian Association of France (AVF).

Vegetarians have a more abundant microbiota, rich in Firmicutes. These are bacteria that ferment plant fibers and sugars. When we stop eating meat, we therefore go through a fairly short and sometimes unpleasant transformation phase.. Indeed, during this phase, bloating, flatulence and even digestive spasms may appear.

This is why it is advisable to gradually reduce the meat, and not to stop suddenly, especially if you eat it often. To allow the body to adapt better, so that the change is not too violent. Do not force the fibers and rather opt, especially at the beginning, for legumes and semi-complete cereals. It is essential not to suffer from deficiencies.

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