This duck comforts a depressed dog who has lost his friend, touching!

A duck helped a dog through pain: This is the story of George, a dog from Tennessee (USA) who was really devastated after the death of his best friend Blackie, a 12-year-old Labrador, until he that an unusual friend appears in his life. The latter is now his greatest comfort.

Jacquie Litton, George’s mistress, doubted that he could ever emerge from the depression caused by the departure of his friend. But everything changed with the arrival of her new and unusual life companion.

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A duck comforts a depressed dog

This friendly duck appeared on his porch without warning two years after the loss of Blackie, and has since brought George peace, hope in life and a new reason to be happy, in addition to becoming a member of the family.

Jacquie wrote on Facebook:

“We have no idea where this duck came from, but he sure loves George and since the duck arrived George hasn’t cried once. It’s weird that a duck would come to our house and get attached to a dog, and even weirder the week of Blackie’s death anniversary. »

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Before the duck appears, Jacquie states that George:

“Twice he was close to death. He didn’t want to eat. He was starving, he suffered from anxiety and a multitude of illnesses”.

Now George and Donald, as they called the duck, have become inseparable, even sharing the same bed. It’s curious how two totally different species manage to get along so naturally. Without a doubt, these two friends were destined to meet.

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Did you know that… Ducks, like other pets, have the ability to learn and understand commands. They can also play with their owners, and like other pets, they respond to affection. They will adapt very well to life with humans if trained from a young age.

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