This dog who thinks she is the “queen of the jungle” has decided to offer herself the best spot on the cat tree (video)

As its name suggests, a cat tree is supposed to house felines. Yet one dog thought she could enjoy it too. She even decided to monopolize a place of choice on the accessory, to the great displeasure of the 2 cats of the family.

A dog obviously wanted to assert her domination over the cat tree and offered herself the best place on the accessory, which was intended for the cats of the family. This is what we can see in a video that is both funny and touching, posted on TikTok where it went viral in a very short time.

Luna is living proof that Pitbulls are just as lovable and friendly dogs as any, provided they are loved, respected, socialized and trained properly. With her masters, she coexists in harmony with 2 cats. The latter have beautiful cat trees to gain height, rest and scratch thanks to the scratching posts surrounding the bases.

Visibly, Luna is also interested in one of these cat trees, perhaps because of its pretty shapes and the trunks that make it up. She even appropriated the most “prestigious” location, the highest in this case.

Illustration of the article: This female dog taking herself for the
Luna The Pittie / TikTok

Its owner was surprised to find it. To the point of having filmed the scene to share the video on the account TikTok which he devotes to the Pitbull and which is followed by 4.4 million subscribers.

The sequence shows Luna as she lies quietly on the top platform of the cat tree, though the flower snuggle is too small to accommodate her entire body. We thus see its tail and one of its legs sticking out.

“How did you get up there”

The cats are content with the lower floor, but they don’t really seem to mind. Or maybe they are just resigned…


She eats cat poop and starts moving different ????

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? original sound – Luna The Pittie

So what’s going on here? How did you get up there, Luna? asks its owner while filming.

Who do you think you are? You ate cat poop and now you think you’re the queen of the jungle? “, he continues.

All these questions do not bother at all Lunawho has every intention of finishing his nap.


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