This Dog Shows Unparalleled Resilience After Losing His Eye And Sight To A Porcupine

This poor pooch is unfortunately not the first nor the last to have suffered the wrath of a porcupine. The wild animal has indeed defended itself with its super-powerful weapon: its prickly hairs. Luca, of his first name, remained several days with these foreign bodies in the skin and in the eye, so much so that the wounds became seriously infected.

A farmer in a rural area near the town of Regina to United States found a young canine less than a year old on his property. The poor beast suffered martyrdom because of a fight against a porcupine, animal very present in this place.

Similarly, the stray dog ​​named Luke was extremely thin and the condition of his eye reflected the urgency of the situation.

The Good Samaritan therefore took the unfortunate man to the nearest veterinary clinic, which in turn contacted the animal welfare association. CC RezQs.

“Luca was in a deplorable state. He had been hit quite heavily and the quills had been in place for a long time so the wounds were infected and part of his eye was missing, it was like a big milky hole.”has explained rachel drogehost family for the organization, at Global News.

A tamed blindness

After receiving emergency first aid, Luke joined the warm home of his benefactress. He regained his strength while waiting for his operation to remove his eyeball that was too heavily affected.

The dog is currently recovering. The surgery went really well.

“I’m not a vet so I can’t really say for sure, but we’re pretty sure the infection in his eye was so bad it spread into his 2nd optic nerve. For the moment, it seems to us that he does not see at all ”lamented Rachel.

However, Luke is doing very well to her new condition. Little by little he regains the hair of the beast, finally rid of his terrible suffering.

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He learns to walk on a leash during walks with his peers to ensure his safety. Otherwise, Rachel said he is doing like a boss to find his way around the house.

“According to the farmer, nobody took care of him, but he loves people and is very affectionate”related the good Samaritan.

When Luke will be completely handed over, he will be proposed for adoption.


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