This dog lived attached to a short 0.5m leash!

The 30 Million Friends Foundation rescued a friendly German Hunting Terrier who was permanently tied outside to a 50 centimeter leash, in Seine-Maritime. He was taken in at the Tuilerie refuge, in Saint-Hilliers (77) where he is waiting for a new family for responsible adoption.

Olix, a Jagdterrier, lived in poor conditions in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (76). Deprived of any walk, he was neglected by his former owner. He was found lonely and emaciated by investigators from the 30 Million Friends Foundation who rescued him.

Olix risked euthanasia

On site, our teams discovered Olix tied outside by a leash less than 50 centimeters long, to a dirty doghouse, without a cover, his bowl filled with green water. ” Bought on Le Bon Coin at the age of 3 months, he was at first pampered in the house but would have become ‘superfluous’ when the family had other animalslaments one of the investigators. He even risked euthanasia. “.

Living conditions incompatible with the ministerial decree of October 25, 1982 which imposes in particular the presence of a “ niche always clean “, a ” attachment chain of at least 3 meters ” and an ” reserve of fresh water, frequently renewed and protected from frost in winter, constantly available in a clean container “.

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He is waiting for his new adoptive family

Fortunately, its former owner, who wanted to get rid of it at all costs, sold it to the 30 Million Friends Foundation. Finally detached, Olix was in a hurry: to walk in the company of his rescuers. Despite his trauma, Olix has no ounce of wickedness: ” he immediately took refuge in my arms, it’s a love “says an investigator. He was immediately collected, for a weekend, at the home of one of the lawyers of the 30 Million Friends Foundation. ” He is adorable with humans and gets along well with his congeners.entrusts our collaborator. He just needs affection and a little education. “Once reinvigorated, the little survivor was taken care of at the refuge 30 Millions d’Amis de la Tuilerie (77).

He has just been neutered and is doing well.reassures Anne Puggioni, Director of the refuge. He’s cute as hell! If you would like to meet him for a responsible adoption, do not hesitate to contact the 30 Millions d’Amis de Saint-Hilliers shelter on 01 64 00 15 45.


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