This dog explodes with joy watching “Lady and the Tramp” (video)

According to a study by the National Veterinary School of Lyon, our dog friends are able to perceive the images broadcast on television, and even to recognize other dogs on the screen. This theory has in any case been confirmed by Phoebe, an overexcited Golden Retriever at the time of watching her favorite movie!

A video recently posted on the social network TikTok has been seen by more than 4 million Internet users, as reported by the newspaper Newsweek. She illustrates Phoebea Golden retriever very expressive, reacting to her favorite animated film…

An undeniable fan of the Disney classic

Illustration of the article: This dog explodes with joy while watching “Lady and the Tramp” (video)

@its.meagan.elizabeth / TikTok

The female dog is used to watching TV with her mistress Meganbut when it’s time to sit in front of ” The Lady and the Tramp she can’t help but contain her joy!

In the famous video, Phoebe does not stay in place. Its tail wags as soon as the logo disney appears on screen, and his concentration during the opening credits is impressive.


Which movie is next? @disneyplus #dogsoftiktok #dogmom #goldenretriever #movienight

♬ Watch the Birdie/Visitors – From “Lady and the Tramp”/Score – Oliver Wallace

Equipped with her favorite stuffed animal in her mouth, the Golden retriever wriggles as soon as she sees the little dog Lady. She jumps up to the screen, as if to say hello to him. It’s clear that Lady holds a special place in the hearts of Phoebe

Unsurprisingly, this moment overflowing with tenderness was unanimous with the TikTokers. Internet users were numerous to qualify Phoebe of ” cute ” and D'” intelligent “. They also suggested other names for animated films with dogs, such as ” Volt ” Where ” 101 Dalmatians », enough to give new ideas for videos to Megan !

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