This delicious chocolate mousse recipe, very easy to make, will make your mouth water!

A chocolate mousse as a recipe for the summer of 2022 to get through this season well It’s an ultra gourmet dessert and very easy to prepare.

Currently, summer takes its place. Many things can change during this passage.

Already, our clothing styles are suffering the consequences and some will not see the light of day for a while. In addition, there are also meals because some fruits and vegetables are no longer present in supermarkets. Discover this summer 2022 recipe that will delight young and old.

Summer recipe 2022: a quick chocolate mousse

Chocolate is widely consumed in France. Indeed, 30% of French people consume it every day. So chocolate cannot be refused at the table and it plays a very important role in this summer 2022 recipe. Important because the texture and taste of the meal will be chocolate-based. This dessert is quick and easy to make if you have the right ingredients.

These are easy to find and do not require a lot of budget. Therefore, here is what you must have on your kitchen table before preparing this summer 2022 recipe. Since it is chocolate based, you must have 200 g of dark chocolate. Don’t forget to buy 50 g of dark chocolate shavings and also set aside some for the decoration of the dessert.

Since this summer 2022 recipe is a dessert, you will need 30 g of sugar. This amount of sugar is enough to give it flavor and not to lose its chocolate taste as well. It is even advisable to put salt on the table because it could be used in its preparation. To be precise, we only need a pinch of salt.

Finally, the additional ingredients to this recipe are butters and eggs. We need 30 g of butter and 6 eggs. We ask you directly to separate the egg whites and yolks. Divide them into two different containers to make 3 egg yolks and 6 egg whites. All these ingredients are useful to make this chocolate mousse.

How to prepare chocolate mousse?

Now it’s time to bring out the cook in you to prepare this recipe. It is essential to prepare your workplace well in order to be concentrated. Because of this, the necessary ingredients and utensils should be in place. Finally, clean everything that should be and now put on your kitchen apron. This recipe is easy to make even if you have no notion in the kitchen.

Thus, we simply ask that you follow our instructions to the letter. First, you will melt the chocolate with the butter in a bain-marie in a separate container. In another bowl, mix the egg yolks with the sugar. This last preparation must be poured into the chocolate and the melted butter.

Then, stir the chocolate shavings into the mixture and let them cool for 5 minutes in the air. On the other side, beat the egg whites to have a mousse with a pinch of salt. Afterwards, you incorporate the beaten eggs into the chocolate preparation. Once you have mixed them well, take small jars and fill them with the 2022 recipe.

Before eating, place them in the refrigerator for 4 hours. Once this time has passed, you can put them on the table and add chocolate shavings. These will give more delicacy to your dessert. Now you can enjoy your own work with family or friends.

Recipe 2022: Norbert Tarayre’s recipes

As a French cook who participated in the show Top Chef, Norbert Tarayre knew how to stand out thanks to his talent. Moreover, he released a book of 36 sweet recipes including this recipe we posted. An influencer named @sossopost tested this recipe and said the mousse was amazing.

It’s time for you now to experiment with other recipes on the book if you want to taste many of the desserts that are on the menu. In case you can’t get hold of the book, you can always follow him on his Youtube channel for more delicious recipes.

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