this charcuterie that we love must absolutely not be eaten!

If you have pie at home, check where it comes from before eating it! This product sold throughout France is subject to a recall. We would find in this great classic of our gastronomy the presence of listeria monocytogenes. Find out what you need to know.

A product recall has been added to the list! After the tuna, the sausages, the aromatic herbs, it’s the turn of the pie to be concerned.

In aperitif or in hall, the pie is a classic of our tables. We also like to accompany this charcuterie with a good green salad. Only if you plan to consume it in a short time, pay attention to the one you have at home and the one you buy! The pies of several brands and sold in different supermarkets of France do not have to not be consumed. The reason ? The potential presence of a bacterium, listeria monocytogenes.

Which products are affected?

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The recall affects several pies distributed in various large areas such as Auchan, Crossroads, Intermarché, Monoprix, Casino, Subwaybut also on the shelves butchers and the caterers of France. These products have been marketed since 09/30/2022 until 10/14/2022. the pattern of the recall: the potential presence of a bacterium, the listeria monocytogenes.

The affected products are:

Auchan brand pie :

  • GTIN 3596710178957, lot 227201, best before date 03/11/2022
  • GTIN 227301, lot 227301, use-by date 04/11/2022
  • GTIN 3596710178957, lot 227701, best before date 08/11/2022
  • GTIN 3596710178957, lot 227801, best before date 09/11/2022

Pâté en croute sold by the slice in major stores in the delicatessen department :

  • Click here to see the batches, expiry date between 29/10/2022 and 12/11/2022

Pie sold pre-sliced ​​for communities :

  • Click here to see the batches, expiry date between 06/11/2022 and 11/11/2022

Pâté en croute from the Maison Monterrat brand :

  • Click here to see the batches, expiry date between 29/10/2022 and 08/11/2022

Pie 2 slices (various varieties) :

  • Click here to see the batches, expiry date between 02/11/2022 and 08/11/2022

Lemon Chicken Pie :

  • GTIN 3220440139246, lot 227201, best before date 10/28/2022

Pie with pistachios and nature Casino :

  • GTIN 3222471142325, lot 227201 / 227301, best before date between 02/11/2022 and 03/11/2022
  • GTIN 3700311864496, lot 227201 / 227701, best before date between 03/11/2022 and 08/11/2022

Pie with pistachios Monoprix :

  • GTIN 3350030126636, lot 227201 / 227301, best before date between 02/11/2022 and 03/11/2022

Listeria monocytogenes can be harmful to consumer health. The incubation period of the disease, the listeriosisis long and can even go up to 8 weeks. Conso Reminder informs about potential symptoms such as “fever, isolated or accompanied by headache, and body aches“. The site also specifies that “pregnant women as well as immunocompromised people and the elderly should be especially alert to these symptoms“.

If you have one of these symptoms after consumption of the product or a simple doubtdo not hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor.

What if you have it at home?

If you have these pies at home, the Rappel Conso site (the government site which lists all the recalls of finished products intended for consumers) advises you to stop consuming these products, report to point of saleof the destroy.

If you want to learn more about the health risks of food recalls, refer to our guide to food recalls.

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