This cat comes to the aid of a handicapped little boy in the midst of a crying crisis (Video)

This little boy is very happy to be able to count on his cat to calm him down during his crying spells!

Jayden Denton is a little boy who suffers from sensory processing disorder. When he is too stimulated by a situation and does not understand what is happening to him, he sometimes has crying spells that last for a while. During these crises, no one manages to reassure or calm him down.

At least, that was the case until the arrival of a little cat in his life! That was about three years ago.

Jayden’s family adopted Kitty the cat from a shelter. Kitty is playful and curious, and quickly revealed that she had more than one trick up her sleeve. Where Jayden’s parents thought she was running away during the little boy’s tantrums, Kitty is on the contrary a great help for the little boy.

As soon as Jayden starts crying, Kitty rushes over to him and licks his head until he calms down and stops crying. It’s really impressive knowing that nothing and no one else can calm the little one during these moments! One day Tonya, Jayden’s mom, managed to capture this touching moment on video:

In addition to helping Jayden during these stressful times, Kitty became a friend to this little boy who really needed a little comfort in his life!

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