This best-selling maintenance product in the supermarket makes your oven shine and makes it look like new!

Ovens are very practical in today’s kitchen. You can do almost anything in the oven, but very often they get dirty quickly. And it can become very complicated to clean it if you don’t have the good care product. But don’t panic, a product widely sold in supermarkets is ideal for shining your oven as new. We’ll explaine everything here.

A practical oven

Indeed, many dishes can be cooked in oven. Whether it’s sweet cakes, or your meal, the oven is a must. You can use it for quick dishes, like pizzas, for good desserts, like cookies, or for more elaborate dishes like roast chickens, gratins, etc.

But it often happens that the dish in the oven with the heat splashes, or small pieces fall out. And with the heat at which it turns, the oven can quickly become dirty with those foods that burn instantly. But in addition to aesthetics, these foods can also quickly smell bad, or even embalm the dishes that you will cook afterwards.

So the cleaning is very important so that your next dishes are good but also that your kitchen is clean. But without the good care productcleaning your oven can be a real chore when faced with very stubborn stains.

Clean your oven

white vinegar

White vinegar is the go-to cleaning product in many situations. And whether it’s for your oven or barbecue grill, it’s an excellent ally. If you’re dealing with rust, dirt, stains, scale and bad odors, this is the job for him. It’s a very strong and yet natural degreaser. To make the miracle cure it only takes two tablespoons of white vinegar and water.

Indeed, you have to put this mixture in a spray bottle and put it on the sides, the glass and the plates of your oven. You just have to let it sit for a while night, in this way the degreaser will have time to act. And the next day you will only have to rub gently with microfiber and finish with a dry cloth to remove excess water.

If the white vinegar or the oven still left bad smells, you can use baking soda with water. All you have to do is spread the paste on the surfaces leaving 15 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth. Baking soda will absorb any odors from your oven.


Lemon is also a good cleaning product. Indeed, it smells good and is an excellent degreaser. So you just have to extract the juice and dip your sponge in it and scrub the surfaces. It will also have to be left act for a few minutes. You can also use another lemon and especially its juice in a bowl. Just preheat your oven to 180 degrees for 30 minutes. The dirt should soften and be easy to remove.

Newspaper for the oven

As we know, the newspaper can be used for cleaning. Whether for cleaning your bbq grill or even for your oven. In effect, once moistened and rolled into a ball if you rub the walls everything should come off easily. Indeed, it will make your oven shine like it was new.

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