this Basque product sold at LIDL must not be consumed

A new product sold at Lidl is found in the list of product recalls. This is Pork Axoa with Espelette pepper which has a manufacturing defect.

After the brioche, it is the turn of a new product sold at Lidl to be part of the long list of product recalls.

This is thePork axoa with Espelette pepper without brand, available in the vast majority of Lidl stores in France. Above all, it should not be consumed because of a manufacturing defect.

Which product is affected?

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The recall concerns thePork axoa with Espelette pepper sold in a 600 g glass jar. This preparation, to be stored at room temperature, was marketed between 04/07/2022 and 05/08/2022 in the vast majority of Lidl supermarkets. The reason for the recall: a self-check revealed a product stability defect.

The product concerned is therefore:

  • GTIN 3482970002661, All lots, Minimum durability date 06/20/2026

The distributor warns of a manufacturing defect, a sealing defect or anomalies in the packaging of the product. He specifies that”a manufacturing defect does not guarantee total security of the product” and “the germ formation in the jars is not to be excluded”.

What if you have it at home?

If you have this product in your possession, the Rappel Conso site (the government site which lists all recalls of finished products intended for consumers) recommends do not consume it and of take it back to the store at the nearest point of sale in order to proceed with the refund.

More information on the Rappel Conso website or by phone at 0800900343.

Want to know more about the health risks of food recalls, refer to our guide to food recalls.

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