They’re getting married Amazon-themed

In the United States, a couple decided to organize their wedding on the theme of Amazon. An unusual idea that refers to their respective professions: both have been working in e-commerce for more than ten years, as our colleagues from CNBC reported on Saturday. “I wanted something that showcased our journey and where we came from as a couple,” bride Jing Gao told US TV.

Jing Gao runs a company that offers home decor products on Amazon Marketplace while Eddie Levine started a company that helps brands run their businesses by providing logistics services.

Goodies in the name of the brand

Thus, their union took place in Chicago this summer on the theme of Amazon. The tables were designated by a ten-digit code and goodies in the form of miniature shopping carts were distributed to the guests. A photo booth was set up with a banner indicating “Jeddie Prime Day”, a contraction of the two first names of the bride and groom associated with the name of a commercial operation of the e-commerce giant.

And when it came time to toast, the groom said, “If we met you through e-commerce, directly or indirectly, stand up. In total, half of those present stood up, CNBC reports.

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