They lose their cat on a ferry to Corsica and want to look for it, but the company refuses!


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Where is Moss? Is he still on the boat?

This is what its owners desperately tried to find out, in vain, despite their best efforts.

Lost in the parking lot

The Mega Smeralda boat from the Corsica ferry company was making an Ajaccio-Toulon connection on October 19 when Mousse was lost in the parking lot of the liner, in conditions which are not specified.

During a ferry trip, and depending on the company, it is possible to leave your animal comfortably installed in the car or in a kennel in the basement, or to take it to the cabin or on the deck. It would seem that for Mousse, the place of escape is indeed the lower floor where the vehicles on board are also parked.

Despite this valuable information, Mousse’s owners have not found their animal.

The commander refuses to let them search

Despite several trips made in the hope of getting on board and finally being able to find Mousse, the couple are unable to obtain permission to search the parking lot.

Distraught, they launched an appeal on social networks to call for mobilization of people who would be sensitive to this sad situation. The goal ? Organize a demonstration when the boat concerned arrives.

Appalled by this situation, they also contacted the local press to expose this incomprehensible attitude on the part of Corsica Ferries.

Permission finally granted

Thanks to noise on social media, a clearance was finally granted 10 days after the loss. Unfortunately, Mousse is obviously no longer on the boat.

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