they have a moving gesture that will change his fate forever


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On October 21, The Greene County Animal Shelter of Virginia in the United States posted a message asking for help to publicize the pooch Lucky.

No one cared about him

The members of the shelter indicated that the dog had been at the shelter for 1 month, but no one showed any interest in him unfortunately.

Lucky was adopted from the same shelter in March 2021 when he was still a puppy. Everything was going very well, but unfortunately the tide has turned.

Lucky’s family adored him, but the pup grew into a really big dog. At the time, the shelter thought the pup was a Beagle mix and would remain a medium-sized dog.

They unfortunately couldn’t handle Lucky’s adult size and brought him back to the shelter in September.

The dog is depressed

Lucky had a really hard time readjusting to shelter life, as he was loved by his family.

So the members of the shelter decided to give him great visibility by writing a message on Facebook. They asked their community to share the message as much as possible to help them find a new family.

Lucky is an adorable dog who above all loves walking in nature, the company of children, cats and other dogs.

Just days after the shelter posted the message, Lucky’s new family showed up and adopted him.

Lucky can finally enjoy her very loving cocoon, forever!

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