These three tips for having concrete and visible abs

This is for many, the goal of the summer: to have visible abs. Sport, diet… A multitude of solutions exist to promote their development, sometimes to the point of getting lost. In the show Well done for you, sports columnist Akim Ben Mzakar, reveals his tips for having rock-solid abs next summer.

Eat well

Diet, intensive sport… Not all ideas are good for developing your abs. “Already, I reassure you right away, you can have abs by eating chocolate. And it’s not because you can’t see your abs that they don’t exist”, jokes the columnist at the microphone of Europe 1.

“If you want to show off your abs, the answer won’t be very popular, but it will all come down to diet,” explains Akim Ben Mzakar. “It’s very simple, you have to be in a calorie deficit”, to promote their appearance. “You can’t target fat loss. You can’t decide to just lose belly fat and keep the fat located somewhere else. So first your body is going to lose a lot overall. But then, with patience, you will gradually see your abs point the tip of their nose”, underlines the columnist.

Don’t just focus on the abs

“What I’m trying to tell you is that you don’t have to do abs to get abs. But, it’s better to do abs, not only for abs, but also to build your belt. abdominal”, advises Akim Ben Mzakar, because the latter is constantly solicited.

Small exercises to build muscle

So, once this observation is made, there are small exercises capable of strengthening your abdominal belt, and making your abs appear. “There are three that I like”, presents Akim Ben Mzakar. “There is simply the pelvic lift, which can also be called the candle. It’s very simple: you lie down on the ground, you press your lower back to the ground and you will simply try to lift your buttocks.”

“Then, I advise you the corrugated sheathing”, proposes the sports columnist of Well done for you. As with the classic cladding, once on your elbows, legs straight and pelvis off the ground, “you will simply rotate your hips from left to right.”

Finally, the last exercise proposed by Akim Ben Mzakar: the star crunch. “You lie starfish on your back, and you go with your right arm, for example, try to reach and touch your opposite leg, etc.” A physical exercise, he concedes, but which will allow you to develop your abdominal belt and achieve the goal of having well-developed abs.

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