These popular foods reduce visceral fat, according to dietitians


This fat is more associated with poor health than subcutaneous fat.

Visceral fat lives in the abdominal cavity, surrounding vital organs. According to the report “Eat this, not that” it is more associated with poor health than subcutaneous fat, which is directly under the skin. Visceral fat can contribute to glycemic, lipid and endocrine dysfunctions.

Here are 5 foods, which can help reduce visceral adipose tissue.

1. Fatty Fish, According to Anya Rosen, fatty fish containing omega-3s have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and fight inflammation.
2. Coconut Oil Research shows that the triglycerides in coconut oil can decrease the amount of fat stored in the body.
3. Beans, According to Nicole Stefanow, a study, published by MDPI, suggests that beans can help reduce total visceral fat accumulation.
4. Yogurt The probiotic effect of yogurt may improve body fat in the midsection of the body of those who eat it regularly, according to a study published on
5. Eggs Eggs can be part of a high-protein, low-glycemic breakfast that can reduce visceral body fat, according to an analysis published on

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